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Dr Paul Millmann MD

Dr. Millmann has been in practice in Sherman for 33 years. His education summary is available on this website. We currently employ a certified nurse practitioner as well as two medical assistants.

Dr. Millmann has been trained in all disciplines of family medicine and is currently Board certified by the American Academy of family physicians. He keeps current on emerging trends and the latest developments in the field of family medicine.

He has been named as one of Americas Top Family Doctors and has received the Physicians Recognition Award from the American Medical Association. He has received the Founders Award from Biote Medical as being one of the first doctors in the United States to practice the Biote hormone replacement system. He has functioned as the company physician for many local companies in the area throughout the years. He is currently the team physician for the Sherman Bearcats football team.

Paul R Millmann, MD Hormone Therapy Specialist

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